Insurance Careers Month February 2016

Tackling the Insurance Industry Talent Gap

Did you know nearly four million Baby Boomers nationwide are retiring each year? As a result, the insurance industry is facing a looming talent crisis. With nearly 400,000 open positions projected by 2020 and less than five percent of Millennials interested in working in insurance, the industry needs to come together to find a solution. Our industry, the insurance industry, must play an important role in addressing these challenges.

Insurance Career Trifecta - Stable, Rewarding, Limitless

This grassroots movement is aimed at collectively spreading the word that insurance is the career trifecta. This isn’t about fundraising – it's about participants joining forces and perpetuating a unifying message through their own initiatives and mediums targeting young people.

"Our industry is at a critical juncture, with new risks fueled by rapidly evolving technology," said Brian Duperreault of Hamilton Group. "It’s an exciting time to work in companies that help keep individuals, families, communities and governments safe. If a young person wants a purpose-driven career, he or she will find it in insurance."

Insurance Careers Month

This movement is kicking off with an inaugural Insurance Careers Month in February 2016. A number of industry organizations have partnered to establish the first annual Insurance Careers Month in order to:

  • Inspire young people to choose insurance as a career
  • Share what makes the industry a great one to work in
  • Collaborate and share best practices
Posted on January 8, 2016 and filed under Careers.